As you might have guessed from page header, my name is Jure Bajt and I'm a full stack web engineer based in Slovenia who really likes front-end development. I'm currently a part of the awesome Zemanta's engineering team.

CV: LinkedIn
Contact: jure@byteneer.com

I might be a bit geeky at times (everyday really). In the meantime, however, I like to enjoy my life through many, non-tech related activities:

Some projects I enjoy(-ed) working on:

Birthday party planner

Started as a hackday project at Zemanta. The main idea of this app is to encourage employees to contribute their part in the organization of birthday parties at a company.

Angular @angular-redux Django Django rest framework

Custom table component

Implementation of custom table component capable of rendering huge datasets (via virtual scroll). It supports multiple types of data (images with previews, links, currency etc.), inline editing, row selection etc.


Talk: Boosting Web-app FPS

An hour long talk at JSmeet (November 2016) focused on performance fundamentals every web-developer should know when building performant web-apps. Slides and lots of examples available at project's URL.

JavaScript CSS

Seat selection widget

Implementation of venue seat selection widget used when buying event tickets at mojekarte.si.

JavaScript SVG